Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 5 Minute Morning Huddle . . . continued

The other day, I was working with an office  which had a new front desk team member. .  Like the fantastic new employee she is, she was looking for the best way to learn and get to know the patients that were coming in daily, and she was full of great questions:  Who has a birthday coming up?  Who has a balance I will need to collect?  Are any patients missing their e-mail addresses or phone numbers in the Family File? Is anyone coming in today that doesn’t yet have his or her next cleaning scheduled?  Is it possible that they have other family members that ’also haven’t scheduled a next cleaning?    
Where could she get all this information on one report?  I knew the answer!   She could generate herself a Daily Huddle Report in the Dentrix software program.
Remember in my last post I said I was going to help you take your Morning Huddle to a whole new level?  Well, here we go!  The Daily Huddle Report can not only be used to walk your office through an amazing, productive and informative meeting, but the entire team can use it to generate statistics that they can customize using a list of parameters that will blow your mind.  Let’s go through some of the features together and I will show you.

I know you are going to want to generate one right now so you can see just what I am so excited about.  Go ahead, let’s do it together.  First, open your Appointment Book.   If you have installed the Dentrix G4 PP8 update you will have an icon on the tool bar that looks like this.  Click on it and it will open up the screen that you see above.  Then select the parameters you want and make sure you click on the Scheduled Patient Setup because this is where the unique features are.  
Need help?  In the lower left corner of the screen above, you’ll see an icon that puts a help menu at your fingertips so you can see how the statistics are generated. 
With Case Acceptance statistics it will be important that you “Accept” the case in the Treatment Plan or schedule the treatment in order for the report to consider it as Accepted Treatment. 
I hope you find this report as informative and exciting as I have.  The doctors will find the statistics on this report exactly what they have been looking for on one report and your team members will find the customized patient list extremely useful for tracking the little (but equally important) things.
Oh, and one feature I didn’t mention is that the Daily Huddle Report will also generate and print your Patient Route Slips for the day.  How many of you click on each patient individually to print the Route Slips?  Which brings me to my next topic . . . The Patient Route Slip.

Dayna Johnson, Certified Dentrix Trainer
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