Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Your Marketing Questions Answered by an Expert . . . part 3 of 4

Dayna:  Doctors are asking me “Do I really need a Facebook page?  If I do, how do we keep up with it and what do we post?”

Naomi:  Yes. There are now 800 million people on Facebook (350 million on mobile devices alone), and over 50% of them log on to the site on any given day. Facebook is where people go for a real-time, personalized news feed from their friends and family – as well as increasingly, from the businesses they “like”.  But again, don’t feel like you have to master this all on your own. First of all, if you have at least one team member who is a member of Gen X or Gen Y, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a Facebook expert already in your employ. And secondly, there are a number of great companies that have popped up in the past 3-5 years offering assistance in this arena to the dental professional. Visit any dental tradeshow exhibit hall and you’ll find a plethora of companies who will manage your Facebook page, create posts for you and help train you and your team how to use this incredible patient communication tool. A few ideas for Facebook posts:

-          An inspirational quote from a famous figure
-          A link to a healthy recipe
-          A photo of the team in the classroom at a CE event**
-          A link to a page on your practice website featuring the bio/photo of a new or existing team member **
-          A message to patients -- or a special offer for patients
-          Practice news
-          News of local interest
-          A link to an article on general health or oral health
-          Full-face, professionally taken “after” photos from a recently completed case**
-          A link to a case featured on a referring doctor’s website**
-          A link to a patient education video or article**
-          A link to a patient testimonial or video testimonial**

**Remember, all testimonials, photos or video (of/from patients or team members) generally require a signed release.

What not to post on Facebook:
-          “Before” photos, intraoral photos or retracted photos
-          Clinical articles
-          Pictures of the team at happy hour
-          Broken links
-          Any photo or video or testimonial without a written release from the person featured

Naomi Cooper is President of Minoa Marketing, a dental marketing and social media consultancy based in Los Angeles, CA and serves as Chief Marketing Consultant for Pride Institute. She has over fifteen years of marketing experience – and a ten-year track record of enabling dental practices and dental companies to achieve their marketing goals. Naomi is also a published author, a sought-after speaker and an industry opinion leader. She can be reached via e-mail at naomi@minoamarketing.com.


  1. In this Internet age, information is near you. All that takes is to promote without much cost. But the careful thing to be regarded is that searches are so confused now a days that, the day of relevant result are hard to find, so marketing is just not posting something, it is something to be unique. Thanks for the inspirational post. Thought that I got to share something from my part.

  2. I have a facebook page for my practice and I havent been able to see the benefit yet. It's a lot of work.