Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This Halloween help "Stop Zombie Mouth"

Quick ... which do you think your pediatric patients would choose ... a piece of candy or a free video game? The folks at Seattle's PopCap Games already know the answer, and they are ready to help your patients avoid "zombie mouth" as we draw ever closer to Halloween.

I recently had the chance to visit PopCap Games and hear first-hand about this great promotion. PopCap has teamed up with the American Dental Association to give out 1 million packs of "Plants vs. Zombies" trading cards, and each pack has a code for a free video game. Your dental office can be a part of the promotion, and it costs your practice nothing. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. Just think how you could be "the coolest dental practice on the block" by giving your pediatric patients a free video game while not handing out another sticky, sugary treat to your customers.

If you are attending the ADA convention this week in San Francisco look for their booth and order your free kits for your office.  I ordered 4 boxes for my office and invited all kids to stop by and pick up their Halloween treat . . . no appointment necessary. 

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  1. We ordered 5 boxes from the ADA for family and friends. We as an office had a lots of fun with these. I hope the American Dental Association continues with these fun ideas.