Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Create incredible treatment plan presentations

I am on my flight back home from the Dentrix Train–the–Trainer annual meeting. The meeting was held this year in San Antonio during Fiesta Week, so not only did we have three days of learning opportunities, but we also had a ton of fun doing it. My next couple of blogs will focus on some of the cool, new things that I learned during my time in San Antonio.

One morning, I was registered for a Treatment Plan and Case Presentation class. My first thought was, “I have taught this class. What could I possibility learn?” However, my philosophy is that there is always learning to be done and I was right. I typically do not train on the Treatment Plan Presenter, but I am going to rethink that after what I witnessed in San Antonio.

Did you know that you can add your own X-rays, photos, other images, text, or video into the Dentrix Presenter to create a dramatic, professional case presentation? It is so simple and, once the setup is done, putting a presentation together is a snap. You can pull in an image, X-ray, or video, and then assign it to certain procedure codes so it will automatically load into the presentation for you. Also, these images or text can be printed onto a treatment plan estimate if you so choose.

How do you do it? Follow along . . .

Open up your patient chart in Treatment Plan View > Case Presentation Setup or open the Presenter and click on the Patient Education Topics. Now click on the New Topic icon and a window that looks like this will open.
This is where you can add your own slide for any patient treatment plan presentation. Just follow the instructions in the window. First, select a title for your slide in the Topic Title, then select the image for this slide. The next two boxes are used if you are going to print out patient education when printing a patient treatment plan estimate. Finally, on the right side of the box, select the procedure codes that would relate to this topic. In my example, I selected the porcelain crown code and the adult orthodontics codes. When you are finished, click OK and your new education topic will now show in the list under the category you have put it in.

Have fun with this! After what I learned in the Lone Star State, I am definitely going to create some incredible treatment plan presentations and increase my case acceptance.


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