Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You won't want to miss this . . .

I have had the pleasure of attending every one of the Dentrix Business of Dentistry conferences since the meeting’s inception in Snowbird, Utah, in 2006. Typically, the dentist I work for does not attend conferences, but I was able to persuade him to attend the inaugural meeting because it was being held at one of his favorite ski resorts. In the end, he was extremely happy that he attended because he learned so much about Dentrix. When I walked into the office the following week, the first words from his mouth were not “good morning, Dayna,” but rather, “Dayna, can you come in my office and help me with this treatment plan? I want to do one of those alternate cases like I learned about at the Dentrix meeting.” I was excited because I knew that he had embraced the one thing that our entire office revolves around—the practice management software!

When I attended my first Dentrix Business of Dentistry conference, I was not only working full-time in a dental practice but I was also a new Dentrix trainer, so I was eager to learn everything I could about the products and how I could implement them into my practice. Now that I had my doctor on board, I knew that I could move forward with helping my office go chartless.

Some of you might have just the opposite situation. Maybe your doctor is enthusiastic about implementing technology and is trying to get the team to go paperless. Whatever your situation, the Dentrix Business ofDentistry conference will give you the tools you need to not only move forward with going paperless, but also to meet many of your practice’s goals and visions.

Are you worried that the Dentrix Business of Dentistry will not give you a broad enough scope of CE? Do you think that it is going to be too specialized? I assure you that’s not the case. What makes this conference different from any other conference I have attended is that it creates an agenda for every member of your team, including the doctor. The speakers customize topics to their audiences and to the tasks they most commonly do in Dentrix. For example, your scheduling coordinator will not only learn how to reduce no-shows, but also how to implement that knowledge in Dentrix. Your financial coordinator will not only learn how to increase collections and learn insurance tips and tricks, but how to also use Dentrix to simplify those tasks. This is one of the unique features of this conference. If you go to the ADA Annual Session, you might learn a great new recall system, but then what? You have to wait until the meeting is over before you can go back to your practice and figure out how to implement it.

Many of the doctors I work with who have attended this conference say to me, “I had no idea Dentrix could do so much for my practice! We are so under-utilizing our software.” I encourage the doctors to attend some of the Dentrix tracks, but for the doctors who will delegate these courses to their teams, there is a redesigned doctor track that now includes clinical courses with an extensive look at digital dentistry.

My favorite part of attending the Dentrix Business ofDentistry conference is the Learning Lab. This is where you can bring specific questions and talk one-on-one with a Dentrix senior support technician. If you have a question, bring screenshots and jot down details about the situation, such as what you were doing before the issue happened. This will help the technician troubleshoot with you and hopefully answer your question.

As an office manager, Dentrix user and Dentrix trainer, I can tell you this conference outweighs any other. If your office is on the fence and cost is the issue, talk to your doctor about putting together an incentive program to pay for it. Maybe it’s just one more Invisalign case per month or increasing your over-the-counter collections from 30% to 50%. Whatever you can come up with to bring your team and your doctor, it will be worth it—and when you get there, make sure you come find me and say hi!

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