Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The end of the year is upon us

This time of year I usually get the same questions and concerns about the Year End, and my answer is always the same . . . it is just like running a Month End.  Whatever your routine is for running a Month End; either using the Month End Update or the Month End Wizard (both located on the Ledger), the steps are exactly the same.   Now there may be some reports that you may run that could be different from your Month End routine because we all like to know how we ended the year.  Here are some examples:

·         Analysis Summary Report – This report can give you a detailed summary of Production, Collections and adjustments for each provider.  Just select 01/01/2013 through 12/31/2013 as your date range (I always select procedure date). 

·         Production Summary Report – This might be a good one because it can show you year to date totals for specific categories in Production or Collection and you could also filter it by procedure code.  If you want to see how many dental implants you placed or how many quads of scaling you did for the year this report can give you that information.

·         Adjustment Summary Report – Now the doctors probably don’t want to see these totals but it is reality and this is a good way to see where they are writing off money. 

·         Referral Reports – This would be a good report to see where your marketing dollars for 2014 might be well spent.  This will show you how patients are being referred and if you should focus more on the newspaper or the next Valpak ad.  My opinion however, is internal marketing! 

You may also be asked from patients to send a ledger history for tax purposes.  This can be printed from the ledger by clicking on Print > Patient Ledger (or Family Ledger) > click on the beginning date 1/1/2013

If you want more information on Year End the Dentrix Resource Center is a great place to look.  There is great information in the Knowledge Base article #49812. Here you can click on a Dentrix Year End Webinar.

Also remember . . . always have a current backup that is free of any errors before you run Month End. 

Dayna Johnson, Certified Dentrix Trainer
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