Monday, February 10, 2014

Re-evaluate your PPO insurance plans

The beginning of the year is usually the time where the doctor and team are getting back in the swing of things after vacations and preparing for a new year. With all of the uneasiness in the insurance world, I have had many offices looking to re-evaluate their contracts with PPO insurance companies. But, if you are using your fee schedules and billing out the PPO fee to the patient and not posting adjustments to the ledger, how do you assess the amount of your write-offs? Use the Utilization Report for Dental Insurance or The PPO Analyzer report. 

The Utilization Report can be found on the Office Manager > Reports > Ledger > Utilization Report for Dental Insurance. This report will give you a total amount that was billed to insurance and compare your PPO fee with your full fee. At the end of the report, you will see a net difference, which would be your write-off. The Fee column is your full fee amount being pulled from your full fee schedule and the Co-Pay column is being pulled from the patient’s ledger.

There are a couple of things that will make this report more workable for you -- make sure your insurance companies are all spelled the same and make sure you always have a fee listed in your full fee schedule, even if you change it up sometimes. For example, I would name all your Delta Dental of Washington plans with the same name. Don’t have some spelled WDS, while others are labeled as Washington Dental Service or Delta Dental of Washington. The report will let you search with a TO and a FROM and if one insurance plan is spelled different ways, you can’t produce a good report for that plan. Also, make sure all your procedure codes have a fee. Never leave any procedure codes you use with a $0 as this will skew the report.

For more information on the PPO Analyzer CLICK HERE.

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