Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why now is the perfect time to examine your fees

My good friend (and insurance editor for Dental Products Report) Teresa Duncan recently wrote an article about how now is the perfect time to reevaluate your office fees. Teresa says that many practices wait until the end of the year, but if your practice is anything like the norm, the end of the year gets pretty busy. CLICK HERE to read Teresa’s article on fee updates. My blog today wants to piggyback on Teresa’s article and show you how to implement this task in your Dentrix software.

The process of updating your fees is a pretty simple task that can be accomplished with a couple of clicks. Go to the Office Manager > Maintenance > Practice Setup > Fee Schedule Setup (if you are on earlier versions of Dentrix, it might say Auto Fee Schedule Changes). You will get a window that looks like this. If you want to update your fees using a percentage or a dollar amount, click on the Auto Changes button and your fees will automatically be increased by the amount you set, then you will have an opportunity to look at each procedure code individually and then click OK to accept the changes.

If you want to take a more complex approach and change each procedure fee individually or if you want to copy one fee schedule to another, you can click on the View/Edit button and open a window that will allow you to update fees one by one or copy fees from another fee schedule. If you are updating a PPO fee schedule from a list provided to you by the insurance company, this is probably the method of choice for you.

Once you have updated your fee schedule, remember that any existing treatment plans still contain the old fees. With a new feature in Dentrix G5.2, you have a new feature where you can update all your treatment plan fees with the click of a button. Going back to my first image above, you will notice there is a Treatment Plan button. If you click on this, you can update all the fees in the existing treatment plans from here. If you have not upgraded to Dentrix G5.2, you can still update your treatment plan fees by opening the Treatment Planner.

Here are some other articles I have written on this topic if you want to continue reading about fees.

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