Monday, October 12, 2015

Remind and Confirm the entire family with one message

Do you have a practice where you have several patients from the same family come in together on the same day for their dental visits? If so, this blog post is for you.
I am a huge fan of automation in your continuing care and appointment reminder system.
Automating these systems not only helps your front office team be more efficient, but also helps make sure patients don’t fall through the cracks. We not only want these systems efficient for the dental team, but also for the patients. This is why eCentral has added . . . . drum roll please!!!
Family Reminders
The new family reminders are available for email, text, and postcards so your practice can choose which method you want to setup. The email and postcard will show all family members and the start time of each appointment where the text message will show all family members and the earliest start time. When the appointment reminder is replied with a confirmation, it will confirm for every family member with one reply.
Update your software now to take advantages of these amazing eCentral features and stop the confusion of multiple appointment reminders. If you want these features in your office, call the Dentrix sales department today at 800-336-8749.


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  1. Thanks my friend for these tips!! I am also a professional Torrance dentist and I also have several patients from the same family that usually come together for their dental checkups. Your tips are just great to handle them. I have never thought of all this. So glad that you shared these tips here!!