Thursday, June 22, 2017

Don't get caught with outdated treatment plan fees

With today’s ever-changing dental insurance industry, employers are moving benefits from one company to another all the time. As you may know from my previous blog posts, I am a huge fan of using fee schedules in Dentrix to help your team provide accurate treatment plan estimates, collect better at the time of service and send out billing statements in real time. If you are using fee schedules and your practice is contracted with several reduced fee dental plans, you will want to have a plan in place to making sure your patients’ treatment plan fees are as accurate as possible.

We all know that patients sometimes drag their feet about accepting treatment and go out and purchase that Coach handbag instead . . . because they had to have it! So when you are following up on the unscheduled treatment or the patient is coming in again for his or her 6-month recare visit, I would recommend updating the treatment plan fees so that you are always quoting the most up-to-date fees.

It is super simple and worth the two clicks it takes to do it. My new rule of thumb is that if the procedures were not treatment planned today, then update it. The quickest way to do it is from the appointment book (since you probably already have that open anyway). Single click on the patient appointment and click on the Treatment Planner icon or right click on the appointment and select Treatment Planner. Then click on the Update Fees icon and click on Update. That’s it.

Now you can move ahead with printing, signing, presenting, scanning and saving the patient treatment plan as you normally would and knowing you have prepared the most up-to-date treatment plan possible.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Credit Card option for Insurance payments just added in Dentrix G6.4 release

If you haven’t heard already, Dentrix G6.4 was recently released and there are few new features that are worth bragging about. I upgraded my system a couple of weeks ago and checked out the new features in my demo database. I love how Dentrix is staying relevant to the changing industry and giving the team features that they are asking for.

There have been many improvements to the functionality of the Ledger. When you are dealing with money, insurance and A/R, it is always important to have the most efficient and user-friendly systems as possible. Here are the new highlights to the Ledger . . .
  1. You can now select Credit Card as a payment method for insurance payments. When you are applying an insurance payment to a claim, there is now a credit card option in the drop-down menu for payment type. Now, even though I recommend to all my offices to opt-out of credit card payments from insurance companies because you end up paying a 2.5 – 4% merchant fee which ultimately reduces your collections, Dentrix needed to add this feature to keep up with the ever-changing dental insurance landscape. I applaud them with this new feature. It will definitely help the practice balance the day sheet and keep the accounting straight.  Thank you Brad!
  2. There is a new Payment Agreement Manager and it is located on the Ledger not the Office Manager. For the dental practice that takes a lot of payments and wants a report to only show the payment agreements in the practice, this could be helpful. If your practice is going to allow for payments, you need a way to track them. My favorite report continues to be the Collection Manager Report for managing all accounts receivable, including Payment Agreements, so I will be on the lookout for feedback on how this new report is working in the office.
  3. The Payment Agreement Setup has also been updated so check that out as well. In my practice, we did about 25-30% of our practice production in ortho so we had many patients on Payment Agreements for their monthly ortho payment. This worked well. I created a special instruction sheet specifically on the ortho setup in Dentrix and if you would like a copy of it, please email me directly.

There are also many fixes from previous releases and little tweaks to features that had been released previously. For the complete rundown, there is a Dentrix 6.4 release guide that I can send you or you can find it in the Dentrix Resource Center.