Tuesday, November 21, 2017

MEGA Multi-Codes

Treatment planning is probably one of the most asked for training topics that I get because the team feels like it takes too long and there should be a better way. There are many things with treatment planning that can be more efficient and will help your team save time and create more consistency. When we think of treatment planning, let’s look at the process from start to finish and see where we can make efficiencies.
  • Using multi-codes can help treatment planning be faster and more complete. Did you know that you can put a multi-code inside of a multi-code? Yes! You can create a six-procedure multi-code and add it to another six-procedure code to give you a full treatment plan of 12 procedures. Since I have been working with several specialists who have extensive treatment plans with multiple steps, it has been a lifesaver to be able to create these MEGA Multi-Codes buttons.
  • Once you have your Multi-Codes created, then attach them to a Procedure Button. Using a button can reduce the amount of “clicks” significantly each day and can help the clinical team identify a picture with a treatment plan instead of searching through a list.
  • Create a templated treatment plan so wherever you print out the estimate for the patient, it will come out looking exactly the same. From the Treatment Plan panel or Treatment Plan module, click on the printer icon then select all the parameters you want and the display you like, then click on Preview so you can look at it. When you settle on 2-3 displays that you like, then save it by clicking on the lower left button that says Save Options. I would recommend having different views for your PPO plan patients, insurance patients and cash patients. Then your team members can click on the drop down menu at the upper left corner and selected a templated print option. This will guarantee that the Treatment Plan estimates will look the same from any workstation you are working from.

Anytime you can create consistency and efficiency, it will help your team be more productive and eliminate frustrations. 

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