Wednesday, May 23, 2012

KISS your Continuing Care types

The Dentrix practice management software has the most powerful Continuing Care system, ensuring that your patients are not falling through those pesky cracks or getting lost in the abyss. Your hygiene department is the lifeblood of the practice; if you don’t have a reliable system for managing when your patients are due for their regular checkups, then your office could be spinning its wheels when it comes to working from accurate lists. I have seen some pretty creative Continuing Care systems out there (and I am not saying that they don’t work), but I always work under the KISS methodology – Keep It Simple, Stupid. My recommendation is to use the Dentrix Continuing Care system the way it is intended to work and it will reward you with accurate and workable lists from which to call.
First, let’s look at the Continuing Care types and see if you have what you need and are using what you have. Did that just make sense? What I want you to do is go to the Office Manager > Maintenance > Practice Setup > Continuing Care Setup > and look at what is in the list (insert image). My main focus for this article is making sure that you have only one Prophy and one Perio type, however I have seen some offices that have combined the two into one and just called it “Recare.” These continuing care types are then attached to the ADA codes corresponding to their respective names, so the Prophy will get attached to the D1110 and the D1120 codes, etc.
 What I don’t want to see is this:
                                                                           Prophy – 6 months
                                                                           Prophy – 3 months
                                                                           Perio – 4 months
                                                                           Perio – 3 months
                                                                           Perio – 6 months
I completely understand why this would make sense and some of you might be wondering why the Dentrix defaults weren’t programmed this way in the beginning. That leads us to the next topic . . . where to edit the patient’s interval when he or she is on a different schedule than a normal 6-month prophy. Since it is customized to the patient, you will want to edit it on the patient’s Family File inside the Continuing Care box.   When you change it here, Dentrix will know when the patient is due for his or her next Perio or Prophy appointment. Therefore, when you go to work your Continuing Care list, you will have accurate information using a very “simple” method.

For more information on the Continuing Care list and how to work it, refer back to THIS BLOG POST.

Dayna Johnson, Certified Dentrix Trainer
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