Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 New Year's Resolution - database cleanup cont'

Has your office been using Dentrix for a long time or you just went through a conversion and you are finding that there are several duplicate insurance plans? This situation is very common and creates extreme inefficiency for your administrative team. Your team must search through a long list of insurance plans only to find three or four that all have the same group number … and then you don’t know which one is current. Let me show you how to clean this up.

First, from the Office Manager, go to Maintenance > Reference > Insurance Maintenance. Here you will see the entire list of all your insurance plans. This is where you will do your clean up. Highlight one of the insurance plans that is a duplicate and click on Ins Data so you can edit the name. In the screen shot below, I added the line “do not use.” This way I know which ones are not good and I am going to get rid of them.

Next, everyone must be out of Dentrix for this next step to happen. Everyone out? OK, let’s proceed. Click on the Join Plans button and select Plan to Plan at the top, then you will select the “not good” plan as the source plan to join with the “good” plan as the destination plan. This will move all the patients from one plan to another.

Finally, you can opt to now purge these insurance plans since they are not attached to any patients. Use caution here. If you do this and this plan was used for an insurance claim that was sent and paid, it will remove the Insurance Plan name from the claim and replace it with “Unknown.” What this means is that any insurance plan that is purged will also be removed from the Insurance Plan name field on any insurance claims in history. This can potentially be an issue if you want to look back and see what insurance plan was billed in the past for a patient who had an insurance plan that had been purged.

If you want to proceed with purging insurance plans, click on the Purge button in the Insurance Maintenance Screen and it will bring up a list of insurance plans that are no longer attached to any patients and can be safely deleted. Once you select the plans, you want click Delete or just click Delete All.

For an alternative to purging, you could add a “Z” to the beginning of the plans you no longer want to use so it will push them to the bottom of the list or you could add a “*” to the beginning and it will push them all to the top of the list. This might be a better choice so that it will not affect any insurance claims in history by removing the insurance plan name.

Refer to article#21976 in the Dentrix Knowledgebase for more step by step instructions.

21976: Deleting Duplicate Employers Or Insurance Plans

Dayna Johnson, Certified Dentrix Trainer
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