Tuesday, November 28, 2017

15 Ways to Make Scheduling Easier

During this year’s Business of Dentistry Conference, I had the pleasure of teaching four courses with seven time slots.  It shows how committed Henry Schein is to providing continuing education and giving the audience a variety of topics.  One of the Dentrix topics I taught was titled “15 Ways to Make Scheduling Easier” and I thought this would make a great blog article and would give me the opportunity to give you yet another resource to have in your back pocket.

Here is the list we talked about during the course and I have pointed to articles that will give you more information about each item in the list. 

  1. Appointment Book Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. F1, F2, F3, etc (Function Keys) correspond to the View on your Appointment Book. 
    2. Shift + F2 - Opens the Select Patient dialog box and, after you select a patient, opens the Appointment Information dialog box for that patient.
    3. Ctrl + D - Switches the Appointment Book to the Day view.
    4. Ctrl + W - Switches the Appointment Book to the Week view.
    5. Ctrl + M - Switches the Appointment Book to the Month view.
  2. Customize the Initial Reason Box – this box is used for the most common things you schedule that would not require a tooth number or surface.  You can add multi-codes, single ADA codes and your “in-office” here.  CLICK HERE to read a related article.
  3. Adjusting Procedure Time Units – in the ADA procedure code setup you can adjust the length of time for reach procedure and also assign the / for assistant time and the X for doctor time. Go to the Office Manager > Maintenance > Practice Setup > Procedure Code Setup.
  4. Customize the Appointment Display – Here you can customize what you view in your appointment from the names to phone numbers.  Some of my favorite new additions is age, mobile phone and additional provider.   CLICK HERE to read a related article.
  5. View Appointment History – this keeps track of all appointment changes and will track which team member made the change if you are using passwords.
  6. Setup Flip Tabs – this is quick way to move forward in the appointment book using a set amount of time.  From the Appointment book click on Setup > Flip Tabs Setup and set your parameters.
  7. Searching for patients who are scheduled today – An easy way to see all the patients on the schedule for a particular day is to use the Appointment tab on the Select Patient window.
  8. Use the Schedule Next Button – this button is inside of the appointment window and can be used to easily schedule a patient from today with their next visit.  Just click on Schedule Next, add the appointment info and pinboard to schedule.
  9. Close the office on a selected day – instead of using events for everything, I would recommend closing the day. This will help with the visual aspect on the appointment book and also help the Practice Advisor Report be more accurate. For more information on the appointment book setup CLICK HERE
  10. Scheduling an Event – Just right click and block out a team meeting or luncheon.  CLICK HERE to read more about how to use events.
  11. Seeing all appointments for a family at once – you can find this in two different ways.  Double click on the patient’s appointment and then click on the Other Appts button or highlight the patient’s appointment and click on the More Information icon on the toolbar.
  12. Use the Wait/Will Call Button – use this to store an appointment for a short period of time on the Unscheduled List.  For more information on using the Unscheduled List more effectively CLICK HERE
  13. Use the ASAP List – this list can be such a critical element to keeping your schedule full.  I wrote an article about how to use this list in a much more creative way, CLICK HERE to read it.
  14. Use the Open List – Similar to the ASAP list you can use this status if a patient is open to changing their appointment.
  15. Generating a Scheduled Patient Summary – this is a great tool for the entire team and especially a new team member. 
I hope this list helps you realize some of the scheduling tools available that you might not be using.  

Dayna Johnson, Certified Dentrix Trainer
Dayna loves her work. She has over 25 years of experience in the dental industry, and she’s passionate about building efficient, consistent, and secure practice management systems. Dayna knows that your entire day revolves around your practice management software—the better you learn to use it, the more productive and stress-free your office will be. In 2016, Dayna founded Novonee ™, The Premier Dentrix Community, to help cultivate Dentrix super-users all over the country. Learn more from Dayna at www.novonee.com and contact Dayna at dayna@novonee.com.

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